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Bound Print

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Bound by her decisions.
Bound by decisions she never made.
Bound together. Broken apart. Bound together again.

This piece encompasses all that is happening now, but it also is intended to encompass lots of other grief that comes with pregnancy— pregnancy loss (other than abortion), the inability to carry a pregnancy, the fear of loosing yourself in motherhood, mourning an identity that will no longer be You or Me as you once saw us.

There are a lot of complicated emotions in pregnancy, and this piece shows something that is often unacknowledged, shrouded in shame.

Grief, mourning, loneliness. It’s all there in this piece. And perhaps by bringing it into the light there will be less shame, someday.

This piece is one in my new kintsugi- style technique.

Now available as a print! 

Each print is professionally printed on a premium quality archival paper. This is the highest quality of print I have ever produced-- the resolution on each photograph is incredible. In particular with "Bound" the photographer was able to capture the light on this piece in the exact way I had envisioned it, making the prints even more dramatic.

Please be advised that this is an UNFRAMED print. It is available as 12x12 only.


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